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Perfumes of all kinds, shapes, and scents are among the most prominent human inventions often inspired by nature and the beauty of its roses. Handmade of natural materials, whether it is a single substance, or a mixture of various materials, represented by natural roses or other aromatic scents, and because the sense of smell is one of the most important senses in human beings, the perfume sector chose to provide it with what satisfies its taste, and given the importance and beauty of this industrial sector, we chose We will talk about it in detail in this article.



The history of the perfume

industry All previous civilizations were interested in perfumery despite its simple images, as humans extracted perfume by burning some plants with pleasant smells and making their incense, and the use of incense was one of the most important religious rituals, as the Pharaonic civilization used perfume nearly 5000 years ago, and there is no doubt The Arabs are the first to make perfume, for they are the first to extract flower water, and the first and perhaps the oldest perfume was the perfume of roses.




The perfume industry

differs from each other according to the degree of its concentration, where the amount of essential oil expresses the strength of the perfume and its difference from other perfumes. At a rate of less than 10%, these perfumes are mostly sprayed for the body, and the difference in concentration ratios does not indicate greed or the manufacturers’ monuments but rather indicates their continuous search for aesthetics. Some perfumes, if their concentration is high, will undoubtedly weaken the satisfaction with their smell The inability to distinguish the aesthetic of the smell due to its strength.


The stages of the perfume

industry The perfume industry goes through many delicate steps and stages and completing this requires many tools and vehicles. Adding the perfume fixative, and after all this, the package is placed in a dark place and at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius for fifteen days, after which distilled water is added in certain proportions, and then the box or bottle is placed in a separated refrigerator for a period of no less than five days, and all the ingredients which have been previously mentioned and which are put in studied proportions.


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