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About the company:

Welcome to the world of Scent Plus...

We create powerful air fresheners that may save you from critical situations. Gets rid of odors quickly. Tons of flavors
Scent Plus is a Turkish Perfume Company For Import And Export Services that Was Established In 2016 And Has Gained Preference And distinction among companies and with the testimony of the largest laboratories in Turkey. The Company’s Balances In The Production Of Aromatic Products, Such As Our Unique Product

We export to many factories, wholesale shops around the world. All you have to do is give us the details of the aromatic product and we will give you the best product at the cheapest price. Many of our customers were surprised by the great difference between our company and the rest of the companies, so we are always ready to provide everything we can to raise our reputation more.

the longest and most comprehensive air freshener I’ve ever tried! Means 100% pure essential oils without alcohol, water, or sprays so you can breathe easily.
Welcome to pure and simple air freshener scent plus.
long-lasting superior scents will change the way you look at air freshener products.
Scent Plus is the perfect way to bring a refreshing fragrance into your home, car, or office. Without a doubt, Scent Plus can save your life while driving.
Consider it as a home scent for any area in the house, particularly the bathroom. Try another brand, you will never show another brand of air freshener!

in fact, We didn’t want to manufacture a normal air freshener product when we created scent plus, so we bottled 100% pure fragrance oil instead.
The end result was a wonderful-smelling, long-lasting product that customers adored!

Scent Plus is now available in hundreds of retail outlets throughout turkey.
We’ve teamed up with big-box stores to make the items available to our consumers across Turkey.

You may buy my fragrance goods from my store with confidence
Please try out my items , You’ll adore them.
Our goal is to be the highest-quality air freshener on the planet!
We find, create, and manufacture the greatest products…unrivaled in the industry!
We’re dedicated to upholding the greatest levels of ethics, honesty, and integrity.

We’ve figured out what matters most when it comes to air fresheners,
That’s why Scent Plus is extremely concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way. Plus, we understand that there are times when you need to clear the air…quickly, so we’ve designed our smells to accomplish just that.
Scent Plus is an oil-based, long-lasting fragrance.

We use the greatest perfumers to produce scents that you will like.
Scent Plus not only eliminates unpleasant scents, but it also smells just how you anticipate.

It’s not only for automobiles; it’s for wherever you are.

It Has the Smell You Expected